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If you receive a 'duplicate email' message when attempting to register, you are already in our database!

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After you have registered here is what you can expect.
You will start receiving emails from ( You will be asked questions to determine if you qualfy. We will only send you studies relevant to your age and gender.
Studies fill up extremely quickly so follow the link and provide your answers.
In most cases, if your answers do not match the researcher's need, the survey will end with a statement like: "Thank you for taking the survey. We are looking for panelists with a different profile at this time."  If you DO QUALIFY, there are several ways of being scheduled to participate. You may
  • be directed to select an appointment time immediatly as part of the screener survey.
  • receive a followup email with more study details to help ensure you would like and are able to fully participate. 
  • be called to discuss the study requirements in more detail so that you can decide if you wish to participate or not.
Once qualified and scheduled you will always receive a confirmation email with all study details (time, place, reminders, etc.). The compensation for completion of all study requirements is included. If you have any questions about the study call the number in your confirmation email or as given to you at the start of the study. 
If you do not recieve a confirmation email, that simply means you DID NOT QUALIFY or were not scheduled for that specific study.
You will receive a pre-paid CitiBank VISA card within 15 business days AFTER you complete all study activities. 
Keep in mind that this pre-paid VISA card is only valid for 6 months and does not have ATM access. An expired VISA card can not be reissued and a used VISA card cannot be reloaded.